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Who We Are

We are an adult, all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charitable organization supporting beneficiaries that assist those living with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and other life-challenging conditions.
Our Mission

We inspire, entertain, and amaze audiences through powerful performance while challenging others to be their best and supporting organizations that strengthen our communities.
Who We Are
Who We Support
 We perform to raise money for our CHEER For Life FUND, which we use to provide grants to multiple organization throughout the season. Here's a look at a few current and past beneficiaries. 
2023-2024 Primary Beneficiary
Past Beneficiaries
Who We Support
Support Our Organization
You can support our organization in a variety of ways including cash donations, products in kind, sponsorships or by shopping at stores that give back to our nonprofit.
Support Our Mission
Spirit Society
The SPIRIT SOCIETY is your opportunity to amplify your support for
the CHEER For Life Foundation and our program CHEER San Francisco.

Funds raised from SPIRIT SOCIETY donors directly support our nonprofit organization, offsetting operating costs and other expenses. These gifts provide the financial means to expand our programs, invest in our future and grow our impact in the community.
Spirit Society - Individual Donors
Amy Lee
Brian Day
Chuan Teng
Chris Saul*
Deepak Puri
Gregg Biggs
Jeff Llewellyn

Jenifer Reeve
John Ellsworth
John Ward

Julie Doherty
Linda Kim

Miriam Chiappetta

Neeraj Sabharwal

Reginald Snowden

Robert Martinez

Steven Richman

Vanessa Flonnory**

Violeta Borowski

Vladimir Boskovic

Spirit Society - Small Business Donors
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