CHEER San Francisco is on the constant lookout for talented and passionate individuals to join our family of volunteers. If you’re ready to have a blast while making a difference in your community, then consider volunteering with our exciting philanthropic organization.

Performing Volunteers

Performing Volunteers serve as the face of CHEER SF -- literally! Our Performers thrill crowds and raise spirits with stunning choreography and dynamic stunt routines.


Production Volunteers

Production Volunteers work behind-the-scenes to ensure the success of our fundraising and performance operations. Our Production Volunteers coordinate the logistics of our performances while engaging with fans and supporters at our events.



Performing Volunteers

CHEER SF’s performances grow consistently in quality and level of difficulty thanks to the hard work of our Performing Volunteers and our outstanding coaching staff. While previous dance, cheerleading, stunting, and gymnastics experience can certainly help an applicant, equally important are a positive attitude and an aptitude for teamwork. All who try out as Performers are expected to possess a willingness to learn, the ability to follow through on commitments, and a dazzling smile ready to inspire countless adoring fans. Additionally, Performing Volunteers are required to be at least 18 years of age and maintain a level of physical fitness sufficient to withstand the rigors of performing.


Production Volunteers

CHEER SF’s organization operates like a well-oiled machine thanks to the tireless work of our Production Volunteers. Production Volunteers coordinate CHEER SF’s logistical elements, network with outside organizations, and build and maintain relationships to secure donations and sponsorships. Strong communications skills are required of Production Volunteers as they are tasked frequently with communicating with one another through electronic channels, such as email and online collaboration platforms. All Production Volunteers are required to be at least 18 years of age.

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Time Commitment


A one-year commitment is required of all Performing & Production Volunteer applicants. Please see below for further details on role-specific time commitments.


Performing Volunteers

Performing Volunteers are required to attend mandatory practices each week on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to approximately 9:30/10pm at Head Over Heels Athletic Arts in Emeryville, CA. Weekly practices are not held during our Winter Break from mid-November through early January and during our short Summer Break during the second half of July. Additional practices might be deemed mandatory with the time and location determined on a case-by-case basis.


Outside of practices, all Performing Volunteers are required to attend a number of mandatory performances and non-performance events every year. The precise number of mandatory performances might change from year to year and is listed in the current CHEER SF Handbook. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Performance Events

    • Santa Cruz Pride Parade and Festival - June

    • Sacramento Pride Festival - June

    • San Francisco Pride Parade and Festival - June

    • At least six additional performance events


  • Non-Performance Events

    • Until There's A Cure Day (UTAC) SF Giants game - May or June

    • At least one “Beer Bust” fundraiser. Volunteers under the age of 21 will need to substitute another of the non-performance events

    • At least two additional non-performance events


College Cheer Camp: All first-year Performing Volunteers must attend Cheer Camp at which collegiate-level cheerleading skills are taught by licensed instructional staff. Returning Performing Volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend but not required. Cheer Camp takes place usually in Southern California and is scheduled typically during an extended weekend around the mid-August time frame.


Production Volunteers

Production Volunteers enjoy more flexibility in their practice schedules and meet for at least two Tuesday evening working meetings per month for approximately three hours each. During each fundraising and performance year, Production Volunteers participate alongside our Performing Volunteers at numerous corporate events, social events, and community events by providing event coordination. During the spring and summer months, Production Volunteers also participate in the planning and execution of the festivals and parades at which CHEER SF appears. While Production Volunteers are not choreographed officially into performances, they are often called upon to add “color and spirit” at events and might be asked to learn the CHEER SF chant along with pom and sign maneuvers. Additionally, Production Volunteers assist with in-person fundraising by carrying “Spirit Buckets” to collect donations from audience members.

Financial Commitment


Since CHEER SF is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, the related costs borne by all volunteers are tax-deductible. We urge our volunteers to consult with their tax professionals to verify the tax-deductibility of related expenses.


First-year Performing & Production volunteers must purchase CHEER SF’s official Team Uniform and other required “Cheer Wear” items at an approximate total cost of $450. Note that we typically change the design of the Team Uniforms once every four years, so the bulk of this up-front cost is not an annual expense. For all volunteers, new and continuing, CHEER SF requires $20 monthly participation dues beginning in August 2016. For out-of-town trips, expenses relating to food, travel, and lodging are to be covered out-of-pocket by each individual.


For Performing Volunteers, College Cheer Camp instruction and lodging can range from $129 to $265 exclusive of travel costs.


How to Join


CHEER SF conducts a rigorous audition process for all volunteers to ensure that we enlist and retain the best possible talent who will sustain and advance our philanthropic organization. Please see below for details on what applicants may expect during auditions.


Performing Volunteers

CHEER SF holds official auditions every summer. We hold workshops (Tryout Clinics) prior to auditions, and we teach applicants the basic elements of cheerleading including motions and elementary stunts. During the workshops, we also teach a short dance routine which applicants are asked to perform during tryouts. A short interview is the final part of the audition process.


Performing & Production Volunteers

All applicants are given the CHEER SF Handbook which outlines the expectations of all volunteers. CHEER SF also accepts new Performing and Production Volunteers throughout the year on a case-by-case basis for those who might have missed the official auditions in the summer. Interested individuals are encouraged to observe one of our practices. Please click the Join link below to submit your information.


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